Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November's Thankful

I love reading everyone's daily facebook updates on what they're thankful for - its such a great way to remind us of all our blessings, especially going into the Christmas season.  I've thought for a few days about joining in, but I just know that I'd forget days eventually.  So, my solution is, I'm going to list 30 days of Thankful here on my blog - all at once.  Maybe that means I'm cheating, but I'm still Thankful!

November 1 - Thankful for all the love we received from family and friends in Virginia.  Its so hard to leave them all!
November 2 - Thankful for a church that preaches the truth and strives to make a difference.
November 3 - Thankful for my loving husband who cleaned the house the other day without even being asked!
November 4 - Thankful for such encouraging coworkers.
November 5 - Thankful for God's answering of prayers, and the way He speaks to us!
November 6 - Thankful for all those facebook friends who pray for us at the drop of a hat when we need it.
November 7 - Thankful for our amazing small group.
November 8 - Thankful for each and every one of our supporters who has been so faithful in coming alongside our ministry.
November 9 - Thankful for the outpouring of prayers and support we've received from coworkers today.
November 10 - Thankful for a home that I love.  Even though a house is such a dream and desire of ours, we love what we've been provided.
November 11 - Thankful for mentors who willingly invest in my life.
November 12 - Thankful for friends scattered across the globe and the amazing ministries they're a part of!  Their stories of the Lost coming to Christ are an inspiration.
November 13 - Thankful for talented friends and their beautiful artwork!
November 14 - Thankful for our space heater and warm blankets.
November 15 - Thankful for a husband who looks forward to my birthday as much as I do.
November 16 - Thankful for a husband who enjoys cooking for me!
November 17 - Thankful for the opportunity we have to visit friends and family.
November 18 - Thankful for the next two months of being at home, without traveling and being apart from one another.
November 19 - Thankful for an awesome marriage conference with Dr. Gary Chapman.
November 20 - Thankful for lunch with friends.
November 21 - Thankful for God's provision of days, times, and seasons of rest in my life.
November 22 - Thankful for the trials of 2010 & 2011, for the ways in which the Lord draws us closer to Him.
November 23 - Thankful for email, Facebook, Skype and Vonage which allow us to keep in touch with friends living far away and overseas.
November 24 - Thankful for God's provision of everything we need and so much of what we want.
November 25 - Thankful for four day weekends to relax and enjoy family.
November 26 - Thankful for grocery stores, sales, and a stocked pantry and freezer.
November 27 - Thankful for the availability of everything I need (food and gadgets) to make a full on Thanksgiving dinner without too much hassle.
November 28 - Thankful for new found motivation!
November 29 - Thankful for new opportunities.
November 30 - Thankful for May 22, 2012.  The day when the newest edition to the Baldwin family is scheduled to arrive!

*We're still not facebook official - so send me a message instead of posting on my wall, please.