Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Life...

If I ever get something done on time, Hell may freeze over.  Oi.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Its such a weird word.  So many connotations go along with it.  People make weird faces.  Sometimes I make weird faces.

When I was 16, I thought, hey - I'd be willing to do this.  So I should.  (Because hardly anyone is actually willing to do it, if you've ever thought even a little bit that you'd do it - you should.)

At 18, I had better ideas.  Btw, 18 year olds make stupid decisions.

Nineteen was a better year.  With amazing people who wouldn't take no for an answer because they knew better. 

Then I met Josh, who wanted to be a missionary.  So did I, so it was all good.  Then I married him - no going back now.  Seriously, I tried a couple times - he REALLY is a missionary.  Uh oh.  Crap.

We've been preparing for this for a long time.  We studied, prayed, gone overseas, fallen in love with countries.  I was reminded a couple months ago how much my heart desires to go to China.  The possibility arose and I was in tears in seconds.  Someday.  God is still preparing us.  God is using these mountains and valleys and everything in between because it takes years for your heart and mind to train for this.  There's no turning back.  Our lives (though short) have invested time, energy, sweat and tears into committing to His plan for our lives. 

Sometimes I don't get people.  Why they want to be teachers or childrens ministers or whatever.  (I know, its God's plan for their lives.  Whatever.)  If you saw their faces, people who instinctively in their very souls know they have no hope, but have no comprehendable idea of what they're searching for.  If you really looked at people who'd never even heard the name Jesus before.  Have you read the Bible?  The lost are our job.  The mission of God is that every man would know Him. 

(I'm just ranting...sorry to all teachers, children's ministers, accountants whatever.)

My point is...even though there are tiny moments when I'd rather not be prepared anymore for the trials we'll face as missionaries...I couldn't do anything else.  I'm ruined for the ordinary.  This could never be just it.  What I could do though - is spend significant portions of my life telling other people why there are enough Christians and Christian workers in America.  There aren't enough missionaries.  But...that's not the point today. 

Studying Job

Several times I've thought about studying Job during my quiet time - but I never do.  Probably because, its a bit deep and I'm avoiding it.  Well, my OT Ethics class covered Job this week.  Yay.

First of all - if you've known me during my career as a student you will know that I'm a terrible procrastinator.  If you know me now, you'll know that I'm incredibly unmotivated in this whole actually graduating thing.  Put those two together - and I know without a doubt that if I had appropriately applied myself I would have gotten a lot more out of this study of Job.  But, its something ok?  And it counts as homework, not quite time, so its ok that I wasn't giving 100%.

Anyway, one of my textbooks talked about God desiring our honesty.  Honesty.  Transparency.  Job complained.  A lot.  How many times in youth group were you taught not to complain.  (Most of the time, warranted.)  But I think that carries over too much into our adult lives.  Our culture, even our Christian culture, stresses being positive, looking on the bright side, not complaining.  Sometimes it seems as if something negative is said, its labeled complaining.  In our Christian (and American) culture complaining has a negative connotation and is childish, undesireable behavior.  How are we supposed to have the freedom to be honest with our Christian family?

God desires honesty.  We desired honesty in our churches.  The body of Christ should be the safest place to be completely open and honest about our lives.  We should be able to go to one another and be real, even if the current 'real' is negative, being open and honest with one another.  If we can do that, how much healthier would our churches be?  If we could really have the freedom to be honest without fear of rejection.  We could care for one another.  We could carry each others burdens.  When someone says 'how are you,' you should have the freedom to say 'life is really hard right now.'

Anyway, that's my tirade about what I was learning tonight.  I'm a really transparent person, so this struck with me...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Art Auction!

Check out my friend's art auction and view the pieces on her facebook page.  I'm am SO in love with this collection, and pretty much wish I could buy everything.

Nikki and Jordan are on deputation right now just like Josh and I.  If you think we travel a lot - they live in the car.  They've been on the road since September 2009 raising support to go to the Philippines.  Help them get there!  You might even find some cute Christmas gifts!


Ah yes, another post about moving!  Can I just say how excited I am.  I have a whole box of give away stuff already, a box of 'to sell' and for the first time ever I have a confident knowledge of where our passports, SS cards and birth certificates are.  Yay.

By the way - if you're in need of any of the following, I'm your girl:  dining room table w/ four chairs, papasan chair, season 4 of lost, brand new crock pot, Rocket smoothie maker, coffee table, and lamp.

Downside, well yes.  If we weren't moving I'd have my Christmas tree up by tomorrow night!  I love Christmas, and Josh and I both like decorating in time for Thanksgiving.  Whether or not he actually has an opinion, I'm not sure, but he at least is agreeable.  I'm excited to pick out some new decorations too this year, because we don't have many.  Josh has requested a wreath!  And some Hallmark ornaments are a must I think.

Also - Black Friday is just around the corner.  I'm getting excited already!  I'm also closely watching Amazon for a certain gift that keeps jumping around in price.  Hate when that happens but they're having a big sale next week so that should be good.  Cannot wait for next Friday - you'll find me standing in line at Target (w/ Josh) thinking warm thoughts and being annoyed by nearby teens. 

Anyway, back to moving.  So far I have 25 boxes packed, labeled and ready for the move.  The living room is still mostly untouched except for what is hidden in drawers and things.  (I'm preserving the 'hominess' of our living room for Josh's sake.  Plus, small group is tonight and we can't have them sitting on boxes.) 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pin Prick

I'm trying to remember what it feels like to feel good.  Physically I mean.  I've been to the doctor's office more times in the past 9 weeks than in my entire life.  The insides of my elbows have bruises from having my blood drawn so often.  I went to the optometrist today and was half-scared they were going to want blood too!  Ugh, I feel sixty years old.  Ok, probably not because I don't know what that feels like, but I would really like to not be sick, sore, bruised, or recovering from anything for awhile.  My whole life I always got to answer the "are you on any medications" question with a no.  But today - nope I got to list off three prescriptions.  Three!  I'm a pretty healthy person, and I know there are a lot of people who aren't so lucky.  The thing about being healthy though is that it completely throws you off when you're not.  Tonight my face hurts.  Not enough to take anything stronger than ib-profen or get some nice sympathy, but enough that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was trying to remember the last time I had surplus energy and it was probably right before my surgery in November.  But now thinking about that, I'm pretty sure I was exhausted and needed a vacation.  I'm just really sick of being sick.  I'm starting to get pretty whiny about the whole thing, even if just to Josh.  But, I would really like to not be nauseous.  And my whole face hurts.  (I have been incredibly lucky with my wisdom teeth though.) 

In the morning I go in to the oral surgeon's and he's taking the sedative packing out of my sockets.  When he did that on Wednesday I was in tears for more than thirty minutes so, needless to say I'm not real excited. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny Story of the Day

FYI:  Don't store your broken down moving boxes in the guest shower.  Even though it seems like a good idea because it won't be used before the move and that way the boxes are out of the way and not cluttering your apartment.

I definitely just turned on the shower as I was looking for a certain sized box.  Why is it raining inside?

Note to reader:  you should be really glad this happened because other wise I might have been tempted to write about the saga of my trip to the oral surgeon this morning.  Trust me - its a gross and not funny story.)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wisdom and Rant

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in an hour, but I thought I'd write a little something for you today.

I really really dislike when missions is described as an adventure.  Calling it an adventure belittles missions.  Its not. 

I could go on and on (and on) but I won't.  I'm sure I just ticked a couple people off with that!

Have a good day - pray for my poor wisdom teeth.  :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Multiplication and Division

I often ask God to multiply my time.  I've been trying the past few days to give my stress about so much to do over to him.  I started praying for him to multiply my time and my productivity.  It didn't really make me feel any better, but at least I was trying to give it to him.  My facebook status said this today:  Asking God to multiply my time.

And then a friend said this "‎...if you are with people, but if you have a lot of tasks you should ask him to reduce the tasks."  I had to read it a couple times because my initial response was "huh?"  My mind wasn't working correctly, but then the sentence formed in front of my eyes.  (Seriously, i had to read it three times because I kept getting all the words mixed up.)  Now my facebook status says this "asking God to reduce my tasks (and the times it takes to accomplish them) today!

And do you know what:  now I feel better!  I'm not dreading going home to all that I have to do.  I'm not trying to figure out a way to leave work early to do it.  I feel optimistic about my evening.  I should have no problem getting my homework done by six, packing until ten, and then tackling some more homework.

God has just blessed my heart today with that advice.  I'm so thankful.  The morning was rough, I was furstrated, anxious, tired, and worried.  Now, I feel good.  Plus, it's Thursday:  CSI is on.  Grey's Anatomy can wait until Hulu.

How much wiser is it to ask God to remove your burdens, instead of making more time to handle your burdens.  I'd much less be rid of them!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

Though I'm sure you weren't.  Want to know what my desk looks like?  I've gotten quite a few comments on it the past couple days, so apparently this is 1) not normal and 2) intriguing.  I'll upload a picture if I can figure out how, but for now, here's a list of the items on (or under) my desk.

The usual suspects:  phone, computer tower, moniter, keyboard, mouse, label printer, normal printer, stack of fund raising books.  Also invited to the party:
  • my yellow purse
  • three new textbooks 
  • laptop case
  • open laptop
  • empty box (the kind reams of paper come in)
  • Sephora holiday catalogue
  • iTouch w/ pink headphones
  • empty water bottle
  • half empty diet pepsi from yesterday
  • today's diet pepsi
  • invitation to my cousins wedding
  • baby announcements from family who had babies last spring that I found in a stack of work stuff
  • splattering of paperwork that needs to be filed
  • picture from this summer's COP class 
  • missionary applicant files because apparently I can't take the time to put them in the drawer
  • boxes of magazines
  • a dozen post it notes - most are of the ugly yellow variety
  • a handful of ministry letters that need to be addressed and mailed
  • keys
  • bottle of apple juice
Under my desk:
  • three boxes of People Raising materials are under my desk
  • two garbage bags of packing paper that won't currently fit into the car
  • another empty paper box that also doesn't fit into the car
  • raspberry colored dress shoes that were uncomfy one day and got let here
  • working space heater
  • non working space heater
  • garbage can
  • label printer box & cartridges

Funny Story of the Day

This morning I decided to change my contacts.  I've been wearing the same pair for well over the recommended time, but it was time for them to go.  You know the feeling, your eyes feel dirty and dry constantly.  I'd been reluctant to change them because I have only one pair left (and now need to order my next batch) and its just never fun to be wearing your last pair of contacts, having no back if one tears or something.  So, yay!, for new contacts. 

I went to put in the new contacts.  The right one felt great!  There's just nothing like that feeling - so clean!  And my eyes can breathe!  Left contact:  I peeled off the top of that little contact container and, drum role contact!  I'm not even kidding, there was no contact to be found.  And boy did I try:  I scoured that contact container with my fingers, looked on the peel back lid thingy, got on my hands and knees to see if I'd dropped in on the floor, glared at the counter top and cabinet fronts in the bathroom.  NOTHING.  Seriously, there was no contact in that case.  I don't know whether to laugh or find someone to yell at.  Really?  Seriously, how does that happen?


Thus, I'm wearing my glasses today.  Let's count and see how many people bring up the fact that yes, they've never seen me in glasses.  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, How are you doing?

Everyone keeps asking how I'm doing.  I've never been one of those people who just responds to that question with some generic answer - I'm usually pretty honest.  This does of course mean that some people get more information than they were looking for.  So, with so many people wondering (and, at least in this case, they're genuinely wondering and caring) I've really had to examine myself, almost constantly, and I've been very aware of my head and heart over the past several weeks.

This is how I'm doing in this moment in time:

Josh left this morning for Dallas after being home for only one day (we got back from Richmond Sunday night).  Please pray for him as he wasn't super excited about leaving again so soon, he's ready to be home.  He also has a lot on his plate the next few weeks:  moving, traveling to WI, and keeping up his usual responsibilities.

I'm sort of wondering how everything is going to get done.  Homework, housework, and packing.  Oi. 

I'm so excited for small group on Friday night - its been almost a month since I've seen everyone.  In that same venue, I can't really decide if I'm excited for Wednesday small group or not.  I love them all dearly and do miss them but there's just more people and I don't have the emotional capacity for a dozen and a half people right now. 

Moving is two weeks away!  This means 1) new washer and dryer that I purchased and are high quality, 2) a fireplace, which I probably won't use but am excited to decorate and 3) while packing I will have multiple boxes that are going straight to Goodwill!  (If you want anything, make your claim now.)  I also get to FINALLY preserve my wedding dress!  (Thanks Mom!)

Work is crazy busy in a good - though slightly overwhelming - way.  I'm excited for new missionaries and for keeping busy.  Yet, I'm very much looking forward to the day when I am living among Italians and doing something that is directly (instead of indirectly) ministry. 

Saturday we're driving to Wisconsin to pick up some grass-fed beef that we purchased (with the incredible help of my very generous momma).  I'm apprehensive because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out the day prior.  Its funny because Josh and I don't really eat very much red meat - but I guess that's going to change.  Mostly we didn't because what you purchase at the store is not inexpensive and of low quality.  I'm excited for good meat that will probably last us a year!

And, I'm very excited for December, for many reasons.  The Christmas season, seeing family, the move will be over, I'll be organizing (yay!) and my two classes will end.  Hallelujah.  Some other things as well, but the end of the year is looking bright, and 2011 will be so close! 

There are times in your life when you're on a mountain top, and other times when you straining to see the summit wishing you could skip the trials and training that it takes to get there.  Right now - we're wanting to wish away these climbing times.  But, we know that He is training us for the life and ministry ahead.  So, we try in all we are to see the lessons and appreciate these days.  Its hard, to appreciate the trials, but one day we know we'll be thankful for them.

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.~James 1:2-4

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time Management Series

Oh, you thought I was writing a new time management series?  I think not.  But - I'm reading one.  One of favorite bloggers just started a time management series Monday and I'm in love.  (Not practice yet, but loving the theory.)  In case you didn't know I'm a procrastinator.  This can be equated to extremely poor time management skills.  The fact that I tend to over commit myself definitely does not help matters. 

For instance, I'm several assignments behind in my New Testament class, and what started this week - my six week intensive Old Testament course.  Good job Meghan.  Good job.  (I even thought it started the 19th for some reason, nope, started Monday.)  Three assignments were due yesterday that I managed to complete today.  Oh my.  I seriously considered abandoning the class this morning before even attempting it.  Well, here's to trying. 

Working full time.  Support raising.  Attending small group on Wednesdays.  Leading small group on Fridays.  Church on Sundays.  FPU class on Tuesday nights.  Running four times a week.  Doctor appointments every two weeks.  Wisdom teeth coming out the 12th.  Moving the 27th.  Driving to WI to pick up grass fed beef on the 14th.  Back to VA December 1st for personnel conference.  Life of Christ online class.  Old Testament wisdom literature and ethics online class.  I think over committed may be putting it lightly.  Somewhere in there let's try to fit in laundry, cleaning, cooking, being an awesome/supportive/helpful/encouraging wife.

Here's to trying to do everything.  Can you guess what my New Year's Resolution is?  Am I allowed to start in December?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I get to see Emily on Friday! 

She's the only team member we didn't catch up with in October so I'm beyond excited to hug her!  Also, hopefully we'll be able to catch up with her in December when we return - here's to hoping!  And, better planning.  :)

P.S.  In case you were interested, this is my 100th post.  Its not fancy but I think its appropirate.  Very much a picture of my life now. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After spending all day Saturday and half the day Sunday in the car - I'm a bit restless.  I really want to get out a go for a run.  (Which for me, is a slow jog with intermittent walking...nonetheless)  It may also have to do with sitting at a little Starbucks table all day, no wandering the office for some good conversation.  (Not complaining, just explaining.)  I really want to go running!  Also, on our way to the house for lunch we stopped at Target for some new running clothes; its much colder in Richmond than we were anticipating.  All that being said, there are about three hours left to the workday, before I can get into my running shoes.  No fun. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Holidays

The Holiday Season is here!  At least for me it is.  I've been so excited for this day, the Christmas decors comes out at Target!  Ok, so some of it has filtered in over the past few weeks, but today was the BIG day with all the glitz coming out.  I'm sure as soon as I get a bit of work done I'll be heading to the nearest Target store to get a look at all the goodies. 

I am SO excited to buy some Christmas decorations this year!  I can honestly say I'm more excited about the decor than the gift buying.  Other than a three and a few (very cheap) bulbs, we don't really have the Christmas trimmings.  (Last year, we were newly married, frugal, and poor.)  Though still doing our best to be frugal, we've been saving for our holidays all year!  I'm excited to have a great tree, a wreath, some Christmas candles in our new fireplace (yay for moving!) and maybe even some festive plates.  Don't even get me started on how excited I am to be hanging our stockings on a real mantel!  Also I'll have to really enjoy our nativity scene this year because we probably won't be using it in Italy.  (Christians converting from Catholicism, especially in a country such as Italy, have a hard time separating nativity scenes and pictures of Jesus from idolatry.  Our nativity scenes will just be one of the many things we'll give up in order to reach the lost with genuine love.)  So for now - I'll enjoy it. 

In many scenarios, I find myself choosing to not buy certain home decor items because I can't justify buying it only to get rid of it in less than two years.  It just ceases to be worth it.  It amazes me the different way you spend your money when your mindeset changes that it's not really yours.  We're learning so much about how to be real stewards of our money.  Anyway, I'm buying Christmas decorations.  I know that we'll use them this Christmas, next Christmas and then either store them or sell them.  Some parts of me nag that it's not worth the money.  But, I've been saving for this, and even though we are leaving the country - we also have to live here for twenty months and two holiday seasons.  Living comfortably is okay.  So I'm doing some spluring without the remnant shoppers remorse. 

So excited for the Holidays.