Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Warning

We had a little hall party today while the tornado sirens were going off.  I'm a little paranoid after everything that happened in Joplin earlier this week.  But than I got to thinking.

I would be just find if a tornado hit our apartment - provided we weren't there, but hunkered down on Avant's first floor.  We have renters insurance and it would save me the trouble of selling everything.  I'll take that check please, Travelers.  I would cry tremendously over my scrapbooks though, so perhaps I'll grab them whenever there's severe whether.  And my blue blanket.  But that's it.  Seriously.

Being Weird

We're weird, in a lot of different ways actually.  Sometimes weird is completely awesome and I'm totally ok with it.  Take being debt free for example.  We recently are, and its weird, especially for people our age.  But I LOVE it.  The Hubs and I worked so hard to get here, to be debt free, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

But the bigger weird, we're missionaries.  Moving overseas a year from now.  That's really weird.  The kind of weird that is meant with blank stares, slight head nods, and a quick change of conversation.  People who are in our life stage, who we otherwise have a lot in common with (just married, entering the career world, starting families, establishing new lives in new communities) can't identify with us.  There are times when the nods and blank faces just roll off my shoulders.  But there are times when it drives me just crazy.

I long for people who 'get' where I'm at and the challenges that come with being a missionary.  Raising support - asking your friends you give up their hard earned money to reach the lost somewhere they've only thought of as a tourist destination. Selling everything I own - detaching from material possessions while still maintaining 'home'.  Some of my friends are super crafty and always doing fun DIY projects for our homes.  I think - 'what's the point?'  Nothing I have now will be here in 11 months.

Saying good bye to my Hubs for what will likely be a month long support raising trip the end of July.

I'm happy to be weird and I would be miserable doing anything else.  But still.  Its hard to not have the house, the stability, the idea of raising my kids w/ my friends kids.  The thought of saying goodbye.

So far away.  And yet so close.

Pray for us as we prepare to get even weirder, with Josh raising support full time.  Pray for our support to come in.  For opportunities to share our vision to come out of the wood work.  For our dreams to come to fruition.  Italy here we come.

Monday, May 23, 2011

He's Done!

A main component of our lives for the past year has been Josh's masters work.  Our entire marriage he's been taking classes, even through the summers.  But, last Sunday, Josh submitted his final project for his final course!  He didn't quite know what to do with himself, having been in college for seven years, bachelors and masters.  We haven't really celebrated yet, last week was a bit crazy at work.  But, I'll have to plan something, if he ever decides what he wants to do

As for my perspective, I reclaim all Sunday afternoons!  No more being banished to our bedroom so Josh can work in silence at the dining room table.  Or being left at home with laundry and netflix while he works from his office.  (I don't mind the netflix, just the housework.)

His degree is a Master of Arts in Church Planting and Evangelism.  Quite applicable to the full time church planting we're embarking on 12 months from now.

YAY for the hubby being done with school!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Halfway There....

I started this blog about a year ago.  It started as, and I hope it will continue to be, my story towards full time overseas missions.  I knew it'd be a journey, that could would use the months as preparation for my time overseas.  When I started writing I had 24 months until our target date.  Now I have 12.5.  That seems incredible.

I started this blog because I wanted to document all the things that took me from who I was then, to the person who would step foot overseas as a missionary.

But in the past 12 months I've left out a very big piece of that story.  Lately I've been thinking about it, and about the fact that I haven't been writing.  God uses everything.  Every trial we face here prepares us for future ministry.  Every struggle we have at home is magnified 100x on the field.  My story, what I've shared on this blog, isn't complete.

I struggled with infertility for 15 months.  I may have mentioned it briefly every now and then.  Or talked about it in vague terms at other times.  (I am sorry for the emails I didn't return.  Sometimes I just didn't know what to say.  And I'm SO thankful for all the supportive emails that I received, especially from people who didn't know what was going on, but were praying anyways.)

We're moving to Rome next year.  I want this to be the whole story of how God gets me there.  So, I'm going to start writing again.  And I sometimes I'll write about the things God is teaching me through infertility and any progress he blesses us with.  (If you're uncomfortable reading about that, I won't be writing about it all the time.)

I've missed this.  I've missed you.  And cute comments that make me laugh.  T-minus 56 weeks.