Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Virginia In My Mind

Dakota, Josie, Jodie, Max, Ella:  
All the little people that get cuter every time I see them.  
(Carson and Spencer were MIA.  Sad day.)

We just got back from yet another trip to Virginia.  It was such a good trip, our busiest yet I think, evidenced by the fact that we were exhausted before the drive home.  (Sometimes trips to Virginia are very vacation-like, if in fact you were fundraising on vacation.)  Previous trips have included much more sleep and down time. 

As far as support raising goes, we had one individual meeting and a new supporter!  We met with a small group and shared our ministry.  And we visited several other supporters.  We were also able to meet up with teammate Emily in Harrisonburg, which was so fun!  We visited her church, spoke with her pastor briefly, and got to meet her sweet parents (for amazing ginger snap cookies!).  Next time we'll have to stay longer; this trip our schedules were jam packed.  Plus we ate at Five Guys, which was quite possibly amazing.  I had a double cheeseburger (I order a double without realizing it) and fries - and ate it ALL.

And now on to the cuteness.  We played countless games with Dakota who is quite possibly the most beautiful child on earth.  Josh is now a master at Polly Pockets.  She also taught me how to properly 'throw the stick so it makes noise.'  I'm not very good.  We spent the VCU v. Butler game trying to decide who was cuter:  Jodie or Josie.  In sweet, 15 month old voice, Jodie said "Thank You" to Josh for an apple straw and I think his heart may have melted right there.  On another night I spent the better part of an evening watching Max slide into the kitchen saying "Hello" louder and louder to demand attention.  That's when I melted.  If he was my kid he'd get whatever he wanted.  Ella was entertaining simply by stealing chips all night - no matter where we hid them.  That is, after she put stickers on the TV and apparently used lipstick on the couch. 

I'm a little jealous that I don't know when my next trip to Virginia will be.  I'll take a one way flight to D.C.  Because that's where Spencer and Carson are. 

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