Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being Weird

We're weird, in a lot of different ways actually.  Sometimes weird is completely awesome and I'm totally ok with it.  Take being debt free for example.  We recently are, and its weird, especially for people our age.  But I LOVE it.  The Hubs and I worked so hard to get here, to be debt free, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

But the bigger weird, we're missionaries.  Moving overseas a year from now.  That's really weird.  The kind of weird that is meant with blank stares, slight head nods, and a quick change of conversation.  People who are in our life stage, who we otherwise have a lot in common with (just married, entering the career world, starting families, establishing new lives in new communities) can't identify with us.  There are times when the nods and blank faces just roll off my shoulders.  But there are times when it drives me just crazy.

I long for people who 'get' where I'm at and the challenges that come with being a missionary.  Raising support - asking your friends you give up their hard earned money to reach the lost somewhere they've only thought of as a tourist destination. Selling everything I own - detaching from material possessions while still maintaining 'home'.  Some of my friends are super crafty and always doing fun DIY projects for our homes.  I think - 'what's the point?'  Nothing I have now will be here in 11 months.

Saying good bye to my Hubs for what will likely be a month long support raising trip the end of July.

I'm happy to be weird and I would be miserable doing anything else.  But still.  Its hard to not have the house, the stability, the idea of raising my kids w/ my friends kids.  The thought of saying goodbye.

So far away.  And yet so close.

Pray for us as we prepare to get even weirder, with Josh raising support full time.  Pray for our support to come in.  For opportunities to share our vision to come out of the wood work.  For our dreams to come to fruition.  Italy here we come.


  1. yeah, you still get those head nods and conversation changers here too. be prepared lol.

  2. Yep I understand. It is hard sometimes! (actually alot) But can you really see yourself doing anything else? Its worth the stares.