Saturday, December 3, 2011


God brings people in and out of our life.  There are few people who we will share our entire life with - mostly these people are family.  or a few select group of friends.  But then, there are so many people who are only in our lives for seasons.  Long seasons.  And they make footprints that run so deep, years later their memory brings us to tears and pulls at our hearts.  They are no less important.  And just because the season is over - we still may have a connection with them.  Facebook.  Maybe a Christmas card.  But there time of being ever present in our life has passed.  Sometimes those are the people that pushed us the most.

I've been blessed throughout my life with women who loved me, mentored me, invested in my life and molded me into the person I am.  A few I had from eight to eighteen.  I had a few join that group from twelve to eighteen.  But then I went to college and my world changed.  Fewer during those years.  But so thankful for that person.  And thankful for flights to Phoenix for a fresh perspective and a few simple truths that sustain me for months.

Now I'm married and in this whole new world with new people.  I hope these people will last through several seasons.  But God moves us.  And the people don't always come with.  But they're still here.  And the footprints are still made on our lives.