Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the Season...

...For missionary applications!  

Btw, I want to take the Strength Finders assessment.  I do have a extra book laying on my desk...

...Lots of online shopping (Christmas & COP & Team Leader Training & Team Training).

...Trips to the UPS store (COP), receiving UPS packages (Team Leader Training), and ordering more books (Team Training). 

...Unpacking the remaining boxes in the Guest Room.  Our guest will be here the 26th!  Good thing I have the 23rd off for dedication.

...Sneaking away to Christmas shop for Josh.  I will echo the entire families thoughts, he's the hardest one to shop for.

...Staying up too late watching Prison Break Season 4, because Penny Taylor lent us her copy. 

...Thanking my husband and brother in law for putting up some sweet shelves that look great.

...Printing pictures for all those empty frames.  Baby smiles should be decorating my desk by the New Year!

...Finally framing our engagement print and hanging it above the fireplace.  Lovely.

...Peace and Calming essential oils.  You'd never know I was here, I'm so calm.  Seriously.  Thank Linda K.

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