Monday, February 7, 2011


The Lord's timing really is perfect.  Something that we've learned the past six months.  He's brought people into our lives that have steered us in directions we never would have considered.  He's brought us new supporters that we never would have thought of at a time when trust in Him was the only thing we had.  Though right now we're in a season of waiting, waiting to go to the field, waiting for support to come in, waiting to start a family, waiting to know the answers to our questions...  we know that His timing is perfect. 

I often think that I'm not a patient person.  I'm not.  But I am confident that God knows the perfect timing.  I just wish He'd clue me in.  I know that if we're meant to start a family, we will, when we're supposed to.  I know that we're meant to go to Italy, and I am fully confident we will step off the plane on the exact day we're supposed to.

There are a lot of ifs in our life right now.  But the one thing I am completely confident in - thirteen months ago He called us to Italy.

We've hit a few bumps along the way.  There are hills, mountains, and pot holes between here and Italy.  We're on our way.  This is your invitation to join the journey.

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  1. Totally know how you feel! Just keep trusting HIM. Praying for you guys!