Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Lunch Break

Remember six months ago when I told you they were adding on to our office building?  Well - they still aren't done.  Nearly, oh so close, but still working on finishing touches.  One of those being the electrical apparently.

The fire alarm randomly goes off.  And its not the run of the mill fire alarm from elementary school that we're all used to.  Oh no.  This one sounds like either 1) a demon or 2) a really, really bad video game.

This happened today during lunch.  We all just sat there (yes - we all eat together in the break room).  The thing screeched for five minutes before any of us considered the fact that maybe there was actually a fire.  There wasn't - but we wouldn't have known until we saw flames.  (If you're thinking the smoke would give us a clue, it wouldn't.  We'd ignore that two because its not uncommon for both - the constructions guys to burn something that creates smoke or just smoke their cigs in the building.)

Even after five minutes, we were still trying to pretend that the alarm wasn't going off.  And just being cynical about the whole thing.  It wasn't the noise got progressively louder that our interest was peaked.  And I promise it was getting louder, and louder and louder, it wasn't just my imagination.  Still, we didn't move.  Eventually Randy got fed up and went to turn it off or flip a switch or whatever you have to do to make the noise stop.

At least the fire department didn't show up this time.  But that would have been entertaining - again.

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  1. that does sound annoying! I have a hard time imagining anything but the elementary school bell...I didn't know there was anything but..I guess I'm sheltered.