Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 'Happy'

Several weeks ago my prayer was simply, I need some happy.  I didn't really care in what form that it came in, in what area of our life.  Whether it be support raising, starting a family, work, ministry, I just needed something to happen that was good, exciting, and didn't end in tragic disappointment.  (add dramatic flair)

Well, we got our happy.  Three weeks ago we received an offer on some of our real estate.  We closed Friday.  This was something we'd been praying over and waiting on for 18 months!  This was an aspect of our lives that we were completely trusting God with - because we needed it to sell, both financially, mentally, and emotionally, in order to move overseas as missionaries.  We were confident that God knew this, and was taking care of it as His pace.  With everything else going on in our lives, it was easy to trust God with this - at least most of the time.  :)  But He came through!  It is such a relief to have this burden off our shoulders.  We're now completely debt free (well - I still have to write one last check, but whatever)!  The stress and responsibility of owning investment property is gone and we can relax a bit.  It was a weight, a nagging that was ever present in the back of our minds.  Today, its replaced my freedom!

God really showed up with this.  We felt his hand through the whole process, and worried very little throughout the process.  Despite the fact that the past three weeks have been incredibly trying in other areas of our life (more details coming), the sale of the property was the happy we needed.  I'm so thankful for it, because the provision it symbolized gave me strength through everything else. 

If I could have had my choice of 'happy' I probably would have chosen differently.  But all this has worked out so perfectly that I'm so content to wait on God's timing for things, his plans for the timeline of events in my life.  Because I know He's orchestrated it perfectly.  Whatever plans I might have may be better/easier/more exciting in the moment, but His plan will always win the oscar. 

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  1. Congrats on being debt-free it is a great feeling!