Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Base

Having a home base is a wonderful feeling.  When you can retreat to the people who know you and love you best.  You can rest in the comfort and safety of home.  You won't be rejected here.  Well, more often than not, I think this Home Base is made up of people. What if your people are scattered to the winds?

We visited our base this weekend.  Some of our dearest friends, who we met during college and now live in Phoenix.  It was a feeling that can't really be explained by words.  I could vent my problems, and be understood.  Each one of us was lonely in our new cities.  Struggling to make friends as we're surrounded by opposite thinking.  Not fitting in.  Lonely in a crowded room.  Climbing uphill and wondering why on earth God brought us to this point.  

There were no blank stares in Phoenix.  They get what I'm talking about.  They are right there with me, feeling the same things.  In our heartache we were bonded once again.  No amount of distance, whether today or a year from now, will keep us from returning to our Base.

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