Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh My Information

Last week, team Italy iv (that is - us and our teammates) attended at workshop here in Kansas City.  It was Sharpening Your Internpersonal Skills presented by International Training Partners.  This workshop was designed for missionaries, to develop and strengthen (sharper) one's ability to work/communicate/and communicate on a deeper level with individuals around them.  At least that's my take on it.

Anyway, to sound a bit less like a textbook, it was great.  Well, great in a completely exhausting, information overload, pressing, stretching sort of way.  It was a lot.  That coupled with being surround by people, some who I knew, some I'd barely met.  And not sleeping well.  And having two doctor appointments during the workshop 45 minutes away, and not feeling good for about 36 hours - it was great.  We also spent some time talking about margin and managing stress.  Ahem.  Missionaries - stress?  Raising support - stress?  Say it isn't so.  Yeah about that.

I'm not sure what all I learned.  Except that I interupt people A LOT.  (That was one thing we talked about.)  It was a lot lot lot of information.  I'm processing.  After rediscovering my brain after that wonderful amazing fall is coming three day weekend.  Maybe I'll write more about this training later.  We'll see.

Oh!!  Another thing - pray for us this weekend.  Friday and Saturday we're having a garage sale, all proceeds going to our ministry in Italy.  So pray for good weather and lots of customers!

And you can also pray for our upcoming doctor's appointments next week.  We'd appreciate that too.

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