Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apartment Life

One thing that I do not love about apartment life:  you can hear whenever the maintenance guy knocks on everyone else's door.  And that scratchy sound of a key in the door.  Mumbled voices from the breezeway.  This has been my day.  (As you can probably guess, we live in a great apartment complex if that's all I've got to complain about.)

Good things of apartment life?  I have a list.  When the appliances break, I don't have to fix them.  No lawn to mow.  Or sidewalk to shovel  (Though, I've been tempted because ours takes a good 48 hours to be cleared.)  No maintenance.  I don't have to replace light bulbs.  Those stains in the carpet are annoying, yes, but they aren't tempting me to replace the carpet.  I can have my heat on very low in the winter without worrying about freezing pipes, because the apartments around me know how to share.  I am only responsible for the cleanliness of 1000 square feet.  We travel a lot for work.  And I don't like cleaning, so that's a big deal.

I would love to live in a house, someday, when we have normal home-owner style lives.  Right now we don't, so, I remember the good things about apartments.  But we're moving soon, to another apartment, so this time would have better been spent packing.  In an ideal world that is.

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  1. I have never lived in an apartment... but I will in Europe! and then I will know how it feels.