Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something Easy

Yesterday I wrote about wanting something in life to be easy.  Truth is - I am very blessed.  My marriage is easy.  I'm sure there will come a day when we face some struggles as a couple and where our marriage takes much more work than it does now.  But as Josh and I were talking about how hard this year has been for each of us, we realized something.  (I should probably say, Josh pointed out something.  He's much wiser - and more level headed - than I am.)  Through all this, we've had each other to cling to.  When one of us is in tears, we have the other to hold us and pray over us.  We're in this together.  This year our marriage has been easy.  I'm pretty sure I would've given up if it weren't for him.  He reminds me daily that God called us to Italy and He has a plan to get us there.  In those moments, I'm able to completely relax and put aside my worries.

God has truly blessed me.  He's given me a partner who takes so many of my stressors away, who will do anything he can to make my life easier.  We're in this black hole of 2010 together.