Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everything Must Go

As we prepare to move overseas, we will be getting rid of our material possessions.  The first step in this processed happened 30 minutes ago.  We sold our dining table and chairs.  (We've used them a total of two times since our move in November, 3 times since we got married two years ago.)

Our Italy Jar has begun.

I cannot even explain how real that moment made our journey.  Its really happening.

I often say to visitors, everything you see if for sale.  And I mean it.  Of course, we aren't selling everything today, or in the coming weeks, that would be silly since we have a ways to go, 12 months!, before our move.  But, if you made me a good offer on my couch, I just might take you up on it.

Everything Must Go.  (Eventually.)

PS - one piece is already spoken for.  Just in case you're in love with my coffee table, you could get dibs on it now.

Here we go.

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