Monday, June 20, 2011

the papasan chair

Josh sold my double papasan chair this weekend.  I say he sold it, even though I told him to list it on craigslist, because I seem to have a strange attachment to that chair.

The lady sat in it, to gauge its comfort level, and I was silently hoping she wouldn't like it.

I actually cried after we loaded it into their van and watched the couple go on their way.  
Weird, I know.  Its not even like I used it much.  But I'm strangely attached to that chair.
We're one step closer.  Thanks Steph.

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  1. I sold my guitar today. I've had it since high school. I've learned a few chords, but really never learned how to play, and well, I just never used it. Well, after I sold it today I felt like crying too. It was weird, but yeah, I guess I just wanted to say that I know what you feel like.