Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Dream of My Team

And I have very specific dreams.

I dream that we'll be a Real team.
That we will love each other the way Christ has called us to.
That we will support each other fully through the hard times we know are coming.
That we would handle conflicts as we have been trained to.
That we can raise support as a team and share this burden.
That we can maintain the unity we have now, both in deployment and team dynamics.
That we will be vulnerable when we're struggling.
That we provide an environment conducive to vulnerability.
That we carry each others burdens.
That the people around us can see we have something special and desire it for themselves.
That we encourage each other in our various gifts and grow alongside each other.
That we celebrate each others victories.
That the way we live, communicate, and work together is a testament of our faith visible to the Italians.

I want a Real, genuine team. I cannot think of a better atmosphere in which to set out to plant an Italian church. I know there will be struggles, but if we can be Real with each other than I have no doubt we'll thrive throughout the hard times - And be better for them. If we can't be a real team, we are not going to succeed in our purpose.

I just want realness. Its so vital. I've seen the product of the opposite so many times. People who were once on fire and passionate about sharing the Gospel overseas are broken and defeated, hurt so deeply. So many times the people who are supposed to be your friends are those that cause the deepest scars on a person's heart. I believe if you can be real, open, honest, transparent, so much pain could be avoided. I pray that our team has the courage to always be Real with one another.

We need to be real. For each other and for the Italians.


  1. I truly hope you find what you are looking for. I really do. Love ya!

  2. I'll be praying for your team: to be real and always show love. What you guys are doing is awesome.