Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prayer Request

Friends, I have a personal prayer request for you all. Many of you know that Josh and I had listed our property in WI for sale, and that it went under contact earlier this summer. You may also know the property was hit by a tornado in late June. God has been working through the entire situation and has given us so much peace about all the decisions placed before us. We are scheduled to close July 31st!!!! If you think of it, would you be praying over this situation, that the next ten days go smoothly and are uneventful. Josh and I would greatly appreciate it. Also, the 31st will be the six year anniversary of my dad's visitation. While its not the actual day he died, its still sort of significant, and kind of a weird day to be selling the farm I inherited from him. I'd just appreciate any prayers. Thank you all.

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