Monday, July 12, 2010

My Candidates

I feel like all our COP candidates are my babies. Almost like I raised them. For a few of them Josh and I were there first contact with Avant. I've spent hours on the four and typed dozens of emails answering questions, encouraging, praying for, and nurturing - praying all the while that if God Avant was part of the plan for their lives, that I would have the right words to say. These 20 candidates have taken such huge steps of faith to be here for orientation. I have dedicated time and energy to each of them. Now, some candidates come from Joint Venture churches so Josh and I didn't recruit them. And a few people were planning on joining Avant before Josh started in Recruitment. But still, I've held their app. in my desk and knew of them for over a year. I feel like they're my little babies and their moving off to college. In a year or so they'll get a new job and move across the globe. (Literally, West Africa, Central Asia, France, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Bolivia.) I'm like a proud momma. I feel like I have a bond with each of them already. I've heard their stories. I probably know more about several of them than they'd prefer. Avant is like a family, and their part of it. It's so wonderful meeting people that are like minded, that share our passions, our hearts for the lost, and are actually willing to do something about it. They're stepping off the cliff into the unknown world of deputation.

If you have a moment in the next few weeks, please pray for our candidates: that they would have discernment in where the Lord would have them serve, that their future supporters would have open hearts, that they would be encouraged by their time in Kansas City.

Rick & Corrie (Blake, Abigayle, Emerie), Steve & Brenda (Isaac, Andrew), Chantelle, Tim & Joanna, Darren & Rachel (Evan), David, Emily, Michael & Renee (Caleb, Faith), Al & Michelle (Abigail, Owen), Grayson & Eryn, Lauren, Abbey, and Rebecca.

I love each and every one of them. And I'll miss them all.

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  1. What thing to be part of!! I am so proud of you!! I will lift them up in prayer as they go about their journey....