Monday, July 12, 2010


Team Italy IV is headed to Rome in 2012. Projected departure is the third quarter. Hopefully. Prayerfully. When God spoke Italy in our hearts a little over six months ago, we knew it was His voice speaking. I had never in my life wanted to minister in Europe, much less Italy. Our teammates Grayson and Eryn had been planning on serving in Thailand until late December. The four of us have never been to Italy. In the time since meeting with Grayson and Eryn, Rebecca confirmed that she would join that team, barring approval from Avant staff. Emily followed suit a couple months later.

And now here we are. The six of us are together. Our team is not complete. We still need team a team leader. God still has a few pieces of the puzzle in His hand. Luckily, there are many gifted candidates who might fit the bill. God will direct the steps. He will bring to Italy IV the people He has called to that team. He will close doors and lead people in other directions if they could be powerful tools to others teams. He knows how these teams will come together: not only Italy, but also Estonia, France III, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, and Mali. We trust in Him. His plan is best. Though we may have our own hopes, dreams, opinions, and desires - He knows what's best, for us, and for the advancement of His gospel.

In His timing, we will see Team Italy IV. In His timing we will make it to a suburb of Rome.


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  1. aaahhh - sounds heavenly!!! And to know you will be doing God's work there - Even better!!