Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Calm Down

I need to calm down. Seriously, I'm not a very calm person. I'm a little dramatic, somewhat exciteable. I have strong emotions and opinions and I'm a little high strung. the words of Jordan, I need to calm down. I wish I could tape record her voice saying that, because its great. Just calm down. (Really, you have to hear it.)

Perhaps this high strung nature of mine contributes to stressful situations and a lack of relaxation. Realated? I think so. Poor Josh, at dinner he just listened to be talk on and on about the newest thing that had first annoyed me and than got me all worked up. I think I used 20,000 words during dinner alone. I'm surprised I had time to eat anything.

Aghhhhh. Calm. Just be calm Meghan. Breathe.

I'm off to light some candles, find a good movie to play in the background, and read my book.

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