Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

Though I'm sure you weren't.  Want to know what my desk looks like?  I've gotten quite a few comments on it the past couple days, so apparently this is 1) not normal and 2) intriguing.  I'll upload a picture if I can figure out how, but for now, here's a list of the items on (or under) my desk.

The usual suspects:  phone, computer tower, moniter, keyboard, mouse, label printer, normal printer, stack of fund raising books.  Also invited to the party:
  • my yellow purse
  • three new textbooks 
  • laptop case
  • open laptop
  • empty box (the kind reams of paper come in)
  • Sephora holiday catalogue
  • iTouch w/ pink headphones
  • empty water bottle
  • half empty diet pepsi from yesterday
  • today's diet pepsi
  • invitation to my cousins wedding
  • baby announcements from family who had babies last spring that I found in a stack of work stuff
  • splattering of paperwork that needs to be filed
  • picture from this summer's COP class 
  • missionary applicant files because apparently I can't take the time to put them in the drawer
  • boxes of magazines
  • a dozen post it notes - most are of the ugly yellow variety
  • a handful of ministry letters that need to be addressed and mailed
  • keys
  • bottle of apple juice
Under my desk:
  • three boxes of People Raising materials are under my desk
  • two garbage bags of packing paper that won't currently fit into the car
  • another empty paper box that also doesn't fit into the car
  • raspberry colored dress shoes that were uncomfy one day and got let here
  • working space heater
  • non working space heater
  • garbage can
  • label printer box & cartridges

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  1. I'm glad you have a picture of me on your desk....