Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time Management Series

Oh, you thought I was writing a new time management series?  I think not.  But - I'm reading one.  One of favorite bloggers just started a time management series Monday and I'm in love.  (Not practice yet, but loving the theory.)  In case you didn't know I'm a procrastinator.  This can be equated to extremely poor time management skills.  The fact that I tend to over commit myself definitely does not help matters. 

For instance, I'm several assignments behind in my New Testament class, and what started this week - my six week intensive Old Testament course.  Good job Meghan.  Good job.  (I even thought it started the 19th for some reason, nope, started Monday.)  Three assignments were due yesterday that I managed to complete today.  Oh my.  I seriously considered abandoning the class this morning before even attempting it.  Well, here's to trying. 

Working full time.  Support raising.  Attending small group on Wednesdays.  Leading small group on Fridays.  Church on Sundays.  FPU class on Tuesday nights.  Running four times a week.  Doctor appointments every two weeks.  Wisdom teeth coming out the 12th.  Moving the 27th.  Driving to WI to pick up grass fed beef on the 14th.  Back to VA December 1st for personnel conference.  Life of Christ online class.  Old Testament wisdom literature and ethics online class.  I think over committed may be putting it lightly.  Somewhere in there let's try to fit in laundry, cleaning, cooking, being an awesome/supportive/helpful/encouraging wife.

Here's to trying to do everything.  Can you guess what my New Year's Resolution is?  Am I allowed to start in December?


  1. You're reading Money Saving Mom too huh?! :) Hang in there Meghan! :) Good blog today!! :)