Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, How are you doing?

Everyone keeps asking how I'm doing.  I've never been one of those people who just responds to that question with some generic answer - I'm usually pretty honest.  This does of course mean that some people get more information than they were looking for.  So, with so many people wondering (and, at least in this case, they're genuinely wondering and caring) I've really had to examine myself, almost constantly, and I've been very aware of my head and heart over the past several weeks.

This is how I'm doing in this moment in time:

Josh left this morning for Dallas after being home for only one day (we got back from Richmond Sunday night).  Please pray for him as he wasn't super excited about leaving again so soon, he's ready to be home.  He also has a lot on his plate the next few weeks:  moving, traveling to WI, and keeping up his usual responsibilities.

I'm sort of wondering how everything is going to get done.  Homework, housework, and packing.  Oi. 

I'm so excited for small group on Friday night - its been almost a month since I've seen everyone.  In that same venue, I can't really decide if I'm excited for Wednesday small group or not.  I love them all dearly and do miss them but there's just more people and I don't have the emotional capacity for a dozen and a half people right now. 

Moving is two weeks away!  This means 1) new washer and dryer that I purchased and are high quality, 2) a fireplace, which I probably won't use but am excited to decorate and 3) while packing I will have multiple boxes that are going straight to Goodwill!  (If you want anything, make your claim now.)  I also get to FINALLY preserve my wedding dress!  (Thanks Mom!)

Work is crazy busy in a good - though slightly overwhelming - way.  I'm excited for new missionaries and for keeping busy.  Yet, I'm very much looking forward to the day when I am living among Italians and doing something that is directly (instead of indirectly) ministry. 

Saturday we're driving to Wisconsin to pick up some grass-fed beef that we purchased (with the incredible help of my very generous momma).  I'm apprehensive because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out the day prior.  Its funny because Josh and I don't really eat very much red meat - but I guess that's going to change.  Mostly we didn't because what you purchase at the store is not inexpensive and of low quality.  I'm excited for good meat that will probably last us a year!

And, I'm very excited for December, for many reasons.  The Christmas season, seeing family, the move will be over, I'll be organizing (yay!) and my two classes will end.  Hallelujah.  Some other things as well, but the end of the year is looking bright, and 2011 will be so close! 

There are times in your life when you're on a mountain top, and other times when you straining to see the summit wishing you could skip the trials and training that it takes to get there.  Right now - we're wanting to wish away these climbing times.  But, we know that He is training us for the life and ministry ahead.  So, we try in all we are to see the lessons and appreciate these days.  Its hard, to appreciate the trials, but one day we know we'll be thankful for them.

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.~James 1:2-4


  1. Thanks for the update Meghan! I miss you friend and hopefully we can see you sooner than later. Could you stop by on your way to or from wisconsin????

  2. Wow! You guys are busy bees. I have thought about buying meat from a local farm. I haven't found one from around here, but there were a ton when we lived in Moberly. We've talked about buy a deep-freeze to store it in...I love the idea of essentially not having to worry about meat for a year, and knowing where it came from - we don't eat a ton of red meat either for the same reason!

  3. I love fireplaces- I can't believe you maybe wouldn't use it!