Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pin Prick

I'm trying to remember what it feels like to feel good.  Physically I mean.  I've been to the doctor's office more times in the past 9 weeks than in my entire life.  The insides of my elbows have bruises from having my blood drawn so often.  I went to the optometrist today and was half-scared they were going to want blood too!  Ugh, I feel sixty years old.  Ok, probably not because I don't know what that feels like, but I would really like to not be sick, sore, bruised, or recovering from anything for awhile.  My whole life I always got to answer the "are you on any medications" question with a no.  But today - nope I got to list off three prescriptions.  Three!  I'm a pretty healthy person, and I know there are a lot of people who aren't so lucky.  The thing about being healthy though is that it completely throws you off when you're not.  Tonight my face hurts.  Not enough to take anything stronger than ib-profen or get some nice sympathy, but enough that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was trying to remember the last time I had surplus energy and it was probably right before my surgery in November.  But now thinking about that, I'm pretty sure I was exhausted and needed a vacation.  I'm just really sick of being sick.  I'm starting to get pretty whiny about the whole thing, even if just to Josh.  But, I would really like to not be nauseous.  And my whole face hurts.  (I have been incredibly lucky with my wisdom teeth though.) 

In the morning I go in to the oral surgeon's and he's taking the sedative packing out of my sockets.  When he did that on Wednesday I was in tears for more than thirty minutes so, needless to say I'm not real excited. 

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  1. So sorry you feel that way...I know where you are. Oh, and getting the things taken out of the sockets isn't as bad as getting them put in, trust me. You will, however, have that nasty taste in your mouth again lol. :) Love ya