Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm not quite sure when I got so busy.  (Well, honestly, it was June.  When Josh finished his Masters and life was supposed to slow down.  Right.)

I'm convinced the next time I'll have a free evening is the day we step off the plane in Italy.  Except that I'm pretty sure we have dinner plans with Troy and Penny Taylor that night.

Support Raising definitely makes us busy!  That and the whole 'I'm moving to another country' thing definitely does not help!  Dinner appointments, errands, meetings, team meetings, full time job, family, marriage, ministry, fellowship, and relationships.  Not one of these things would I trade (well - that full time job maybe) as we make our way to the field.  Still, I remember all those sermons on Rest and eliminating the Business from our lives.  Apparently I stink at that.

To all of those who have waited patiently as I was late for appointments, etc, I apologize.  And I have been late - a lot.

Are you ever late?  Tired of being so busy?  Me too!!

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