Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Through the Trials

The Lord promises to bring us through the trials...not out of them.  How many times have I prayed to be delivered out of a trial.  

Pray for us.  We're in the midst of several trials right now.  The hardest things we've ever done.  On any given day we can't decide which is harder.  We're 18 months in, and there's no end in sight.  My prayers have more often been to be delivered from these trials.  

This morning I woke up, and it was the first time I thought about giving up.  I'm thankful for a husband who can be strong when I am not.  

Pray for us.  For our hearts.  Strength.  Encouragement.  Arms wrapped around us.

Because its really, really hard.

The best thing about the valley, or the only good thing, is that you know somewhere, someday, there's a mountaintop.  

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