Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Why oh why is it always, always freezing in Starbucks!  Its freezing.  If I didn't need power I'd move to the patio.  Oh, that, and having to pack up all my stuff.  And I have a lot of stuff here.  My purse, two drinks, laptop, pile of folders, open notebook, stack of papers, 4 highlighter, two pens, two sharpies, my iPod touch (calculator, needed), phone, and power cord.  Its like my own little desk taking up 1/3 of this 8 person table.  (I'm at the Plaza Starbucks in case anyone wondered.)  There isn't enough room for 'my desk' outside

But its freezing!  And, I have a hot drink.  Its not even touching how cold it is in here.  There are people with shorts on outside, perfectly comfortable.  I'm wearing jeans and just put on my sweater because its so cold.

Oh - and the same women has come in here three times since I've been in here - with a double stroller.  A nanny is my guess.  But seriously, she's getting pretty good at manuvering that huge thing around in here.

I'm seriously shivering and have goose bumps.  And I have to pee.  But than I'd have to pack up all this crap I'm surrounded by.

When's my lunch break?

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