Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can you say scatterbrained?

Well I think we can say its official - I'm on my way to losing my mind.

I lost a file today.  Or, I should say, that I lost it two weeks ago and remembered I needed it today.  When The Boss asked for it.  Today.  As he went for coffee.  I proceeded to look for it in all the rational logical places.  Of course, it wasn't there.  So I took the next obvious step - freaked out to Linda about where on earth it went.  She helped me look, while suggesting I label my files.  (I DO label my files, but it doesn't help if I don't put them away :) ).  Then Linda and I decided that it was all because someone made me clean off my desk two weeks ago and That's why I can't find anything.

But she found it - on top of my cabinet.  Which in my defense isn't visible from my chair and BARELY visible if I'm standing up.  So, it wasn't lost in the first place.  But the search was quite entertaining.  Especially when Jon walked up behind me and stood their patiently, very quiet, until I turned around and about jumped out of my skin.  I may have screamed.  Can't quite remember that one.

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