Saturday, September 11, 2010

1:47 a.m.

It's 1:47 a.m. Tomorrow I fly to Winnipeg, CA for a business trip. Wednesday I leave for vacation, returning the following Wednesday. Two days later surgery. It'll be October before I'm back at my desk. Oh - and then it's only for a week before I'm off to Chicago to recruit.

Logic 201 - week one complete. What have I gotten myself into? Currently enrolled in two classes: a fore mentioned Logic and Life of Christ III. OT Poetry class starts November 1. Oi. And this is in addition to the life I actually like. Thank goodness for life groups and friends and ... well, everything that God has put here to give me the energy to get over the next hurdle. One at a time.

One step closer to Italy. A tiny, tiny step. a year all the steps, the classes, the phone calls, letters, conversations, tears, and joys will bring us to the curb at MCI. Leaving our home and friends and then we'll be on our way. With life packed into 20 tubs. But its the life that doesn't fit in those tubs: the memories, the prayers, the friends who we'll leave behind - that's the day we're looking forward to.

Can you tell it's 2:03 a.m.? Perhaps I'll rewrite this tomorrow and actually make sense.

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