Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life Has Returned...Sort Of

I'm back from vacation! Definitely ready to tackle the challenges these next few weeks least I thought so until yesterday. (More on that maybe later.) Life really won't be normal until about a week from now, but at least I'm back in my comfy bed in KC.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning, 8:30. Hopefully this procedure (laproscopy with the possibility of laser treatments) will correct the infertility we've been struggling with. (I have endometriosis, after stage II its not possible to conceive without surgical intervention.) I'd very much appreciate your prayers!

The new normal is just around the corner. Here we go!

I hope to get back into my usual blogging routing next week while I'm home in bed recovering.


  1. Hey Meghan we're praying for you guys. Especially for your surgery. Love you

  2. Hello friend! Praying for God's peace, wisdom for the Doctors, and a quick recovery! Love and Hugs!!

  3. I will totally say a prayer for you and be thinking of you