Tuesday, September 14, 2010


On my flight home from Canada today I read a new book, Viewpoints by Steven Shadrach. Its about support raising. My boss had it on his desk last week, sent to him by the publisher I think, and I borrowed it for the plane. (Originally thinking there was no way I'd have time to read it with all the other things I needed to accomplish on the plane and in the airports. Fortunately my laptop battery died so I wasn't able to do homework.)

Anyway, I highly reccommend this text. I was greatly encouraged reading it, and it really forced me to evaluate our methods of support raising. It had some great points I'd never thought of before, and really brought about the need for urgency. I always think of the word 'urgency' in terms of the harvest; but - how can we get to the field and reap the harvest which is our end goal, if we do not have the same urgency in support raising. Ministry in Italy can't happen until we get there. Josh and I are determined not to deploy to the field until we are fully funded, so that we can devote oursevles fully to the ministry. We don't want to be burdened with worrying about future trips to the states for support raising purposes. That is an unneeded and preventable stress. My point, and the author's, we must have an urgency about our support raising - and our partners will see that urgency.

I have several new ideas to revamp our support raising strategy, I'm still mulling them over in my head. But I would love any feedback, suggests, comments, ideas that you may have. Your advice is always welcome. I'd love to hear what you think. For those of my readers in the same boat as I - chime in! I'd love to hear from all of you! If you've previously/currently raised support, what has worked for you? If you support missionaries/Christian workers - what were there methods? What would you like to see as a ministry partner/supporter?

After vacation I'll post some of my thoughts on the book, after I've processed it more in my mind. Look forward to seeing that in a few weeks!


  1. I look forward to seeing what you think about the book. Have you read "Funding your Ministry" by Scott Morton?
    That book helped us alot.
    I believe every missionary can go on the field FULLY supported! and I am so happy that yall have made that choice. Most missionaries don't even have that mindset. They think they will never be fully supported but 80 to 90% is okay to go out with.
    Not to discourage you but its just a fact...... Sometimes people will drop out... it might be a couple months into you being on the field or it might be a couple years. You will ALWAYS be support raising (which is really just creating relationships) so its just a mindset and an attitude. You have to make it a part of your ministry not just a dreadful thing you have to do.
    I suggest you give yourself a savings portion in your budget so.... when you are 60 or whatever you don't have to "support raise".
    I just taught all day today on support raising so that is probably why I just went off on a tangent. haha Love ya girl and post about the book soon. I dont feel like reading it.

  2. Hey Meghan

    Im excited to see what you get from that book since Jammie and I are in the same place as you. I know you know how it is. Frustrating but at the same time exciting. Its the strangest place to be in.

    Miss you!

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  4. would love to know your thoughts. Maybe I'll check it out too!