Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Canada!

Coming to you today from Winnipeg, Canada. The weather is beautiful here - very fall. Though I've no idea what the temperature is because they use Celsius. I would guess its hovering around 65, with light winds. Bright sun, trees changing colors. Fall.

I'm off to vacation tomorrow morning - so very excited! I'm trying desperately to not think of all things things around here that I've not completed. So many things have fallen to the "I'll do tomorrow" pile. Perhaps this is just a symptom of trying to do too many things.

Like right now - I desperately need to be working on a homework assignment which must be submitted before I leave for vacation tomorrow. I'm thankful there's no internet (well, at least no free internet). If there was I'm afraid I would be not as diligent about doing homework ahead of time. I'd leave a few things to do while on vacation.

I've enjoyed my time in Canada - finally putting some names to faces, and just getting a fresh perspective. Hopefully this will help me do my job better.

Well, I'm off to the airport shortly. See you soon Kansas City. But only for a short while :)

(If I didn't need to pack my suitcase for vacation, I'd probably sleep at the airport.)

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