Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors
About a month ago we attended our church's monthly Family Gathering service. This is a Wednesday night service that focuses on corporate worship and prayer. Time and attention is focused on prayer for the needs of individuals in our church family. We were sitting next to friends, L&B, and they asked if they could pray for our support raising efforts. I was so consumed with thankfulness and encouragement. They remember. I know they're praying for us. I rememeber the day she told me at lunch, a little out of the blue, that they wanted to be a part of our ministry. I am so thankful for them. And just a few days after that night, we were blessed with new ministry partners that exceeded the personal goal we had set for that month. (It was the end of July when our salary from Avant was decreasing - though it didn't put us at a full salary, the gift was more than what Josh and I needed for our household budget.)

We need more of these people on our team. More prayer warriors. I know our supporters are lifting us up, and care deeply for us and our ministry. But I also know that there are people who aren't yet part of our ministry that would pray for us daily. So, I had an idea. October is the next month that Josh's salary from Avant decreases and his salary comes from our personal support. How awesome would it be if people were praying specifically for us every day in October? For our support level to rise, for deepening relationships with our partners, for success in recruiting, for encouraged and positive spirits, for time management in all our commitments (work, deputation, school, ministry).

Adopt A Day
Would you consider committing to praying for us for a day in October? Adopt a day. We would love to hear from you, from questions to whatever day you'd like to pray. If you are able to adopt a day please let me know so we can have someone praying everyday. (I think I'll post days taken below.) This would be so encouraging for us! Maybe you could even let us know that you're praying, and we can let you know how blessed we are by you!

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Note: I personally suggest October 23rd, it's my birthday and you could pray for me to eat wonderful cake.

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  1. Hey Ill take Oct 23rd!!!! Just is there a way that you can email a reminder at the beginning of Oct??? So excited for you guys!