Thursday, September 9, 2010

What September Holds For Me

Small group and snacks.
Business trip to Canada! I had to purchase my ticket under the name Meghan Murphy because I've failed to obtain a new passport.
New people.
Flying. In a 24 hour window I'll visit MCI, MSP, YWG, MCO. Whew. Not in that order.
School work.
Vacation. Yes. Happy birthday Moms.
Good food.
Surgery. Ouch. It's outpatient. But, I've never even broken a bone before. Nervous? Actually, surprisingly, no.
Drugs. I'm hoping for Vicadin.
Movies. Lots and lots of movies.
Couch time.
Falling way behind in my job.
Hopefully not falling behind in school work.
Friends. Who care for me, encourage me, and make me laugh on a regular basis.

Then it's October! Holy wow.

1 comment:

  1. What surgery are you getting?
    That sounds like my August....