Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Dream a Little Dream

I want to be a stay at home wife. Maybe it sounds silly to some, but really, I've never desired to work outside the home. I love my job most days, but it does make me long for the days when I will be able to stay home. Most likely this won't happen until we return from Rome, so for now I dream. I can definitely see that I was created to care for my family and not to bring home a paycheck. Sometimes, on days like today, I sit at my desk dreaming of what I imagine a life of working at home to be like.

I imagine doing laundry. Lots of laundry. Keeping up with it, folding it, putting it away, maybe even ironing.
I imagine having dinner ready at 7 pm every night. Or at least the same time every night.
I imagine dusting, doing dishes, managing the pantry, and sorting paperwork.

Josh asked me if I dream in black or white. Ha ha. I do in fact dream in color, but I get his joke.

Currently one of my largest frustrations in life is that I cannot keep up with housework. I'm not going to even use my 'busy' excuse anymore, I know that's not true. But who wants to be at work eight hours a day, sweat it out in the gym, and come home to housework. When I get home after the gym I want to sit on the living room floor, check facebook and watch TV. I'm tired! Throw in cooking dinner, and there's no way I'm going to fold two loads of laundry. Ugh.

I dream of being a stay at home wife.

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