Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderful Weekend.

I had the most wonderful, relaxing weekend. The gorgeous weather, perfect temperature, and slow pace of life was just what I need to calm myself down after a crazy (ok, hormone charged emotional) week. Josh and I planned a Netflix marathon for Friday night which was preceded by a trip to the Plaza for the Cheesecake Factory. We absolutely love this restaurant; as creatures of habit we frequent it whenever our finances allow for a little splurge.

My favorite day of the week. I try not to do anything I dislike on Saturdays. For instance: no grocery shopping, no laundry, no errands to the bank if I can avoid it. Instead, this saturday we slept in, went to the City Market for our produce, spent a couple hours sorting old 'stuff' in Linda's basement - this was allowable on a Saturday because it was long overdue, it was beautiful so it wasn't so bad, and it meant lunch with Linda. Also on Saturday was the daily trip to the gym (I hurt my hip - again!) and peanut butter pancakes while we continued our Friday Night Lights Marathon in the evening. Every few months Josh and I have one of these marathons of our favorite shows. It may sound lazy, but as the end of the weekend rolled around, I think my favorite weekends are those when Josh and I just go at our own pace, and settle in for a marathon. No lists, no expectations, just us. It may not be exciting, but its refreshing. Lists can wait for Mondays, which stink anyway.

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  1. Its so funny because its the same with us. I love those moments where its quiet and we are just being lazy. But I feel so guilty because I am Mrs. DO Do Do Get it Done. Good for you to just spend time with Josh!