Saturday, May 22, 2010


Since college, I've stored a bunch of my 'college stuff' in Linda's basement. Today was finally the day to go through most of it. Some I kept, some I threw away, and some was donated to Goodwill. I love getting rid of stuff. Its just stuff. These material possesions don't define us, rather they confine us and limit the possibilities and opportunities we have. 'Stuff' boggs me down. To fill a garbage bag with things to give away gives me a sense of freedom, of accomplishment, of control over my surroundings. It felt so good to rid myself. This is me on my way to being organized.

Check back in two years: all my worldly possessions will dwindle down to what I'm willing to take on a plane.


  1. Ahhh same here. Jammie and I are constantly like... well I know two months ago we thought we wanted to take this to ireland, but now, not so much. miss you meghan!