Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sometimes I feel that I have a crazy schedule. Then I look at my friends: brand new babies, working full time + coaching parttime, working full time and attending grad school classes at night (Josh is in grad school, but he's online so I think its not as hard to juggle that), being involved in several ministries. I feel like a busy schedule is the excuse I use for why I haven't bought a baby gift yet for a shower that was in April, its the reason my home is always a bit messy, grocery shopping is at the last minute, and I always feel a little frazzled.

The state of my home (clean/messy/cluttered/cozy) directly affects my irritability level. Business is my excuse.

Seriously, I am not that busy. I work 40 hours a week-no more no less. I have no crying children to attend to. Josh may me in school, but I am not. No more excuses.

Solution. I make my to-do list today, and its going to be a beast. It will be great! I love lists. This excites me a little.

Also, I plan on getting 90 minutes less sleep every night which will put me at 7 hours. I perform best with this amount of sleep. We'll see how it goes.

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