Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slower Pace

Remember that post when I talked about my messy home and I was going to stay up 90 minutes later so I had time to clean? Well, the staying up 90 minutes has worked out great. The using it to accomplish housework has not. However, staying up a bit later has lessened the business of my evening. I can take a little longer at the gym, make dinner without rushing, etc. Though I'm not doing much additional cleaning, the slower pace of a longer evening has definitely felt better.

Now that I'm evaluating, perhaps I'm accomplishing more than I realize. This slower pace of life means I put my dirty plate in the dishwasher instead of the sink, I take my smelly gym clothes to their appropriate basket in the guest bathroom, I fold the throw blanket before I go to bed, and sometimes even clean off the coffee table. (I didn't clean off the coffee table last night.) Oh, and don't get me started on my guest bathroom. I have indeed re purposed it as laundry room.

In conclusion, I'm making progress. 90 minutes may not mean that I'm on top of my laundry, but at least I didn't berate Josh on the way to work because my black dress pants weren't dry.


  1. How cute are you!!! I wish I knew you had started blogging. :) The adding 90 minutes sounds like a GREAT idea. I could actually use that in my own life. I also read your goals and it's a major LOL how the same we are. I am running a 5k with my family in Feb.-because I dont know why either. It seems like the cool thing to do. lol. Keep blogging and I'll keep readnig. <3

  2. You too missy! Sometimes I can't believe how much I relate to what I read in your blog. I'm very much enjoying writing my blog, I think it's here to stay.