Sunday, May 16, 2010

Throw Pillows

I could shop for furniture everyday of my life. I love it. Decorating my apartment on the other hand-I'm so indecisive. I could shop for new items for my home everyday, but when it comes to pulling out the cash and committing, I can't do it. Afraid of commitment. My walls are bare. I have no window trimmings, largely because its to hard to decide on a color. Josh won't let me pick brown. I'd pick brown for everything if I could. But we did it. Today we bought drapes. (I feel a little old, buying drapes.) And throw pillows. Drapes and throw pillows. Hopefully our living room feels a little more like home now. We are going to be here for the next year. (No house for us...I'm dealing with this in my own special way.) We might even stay here until we move to Rome, to avoiding moving all our stuff. So this is our home for now. I'm learning to love it. The throw pillows help.

As we're decorating around the apartment I can't help but think of what we'll be doing 24ish months from now. Moving. To. Rome. Wow. I'm so excited because I will get to completely decorate/furnish the flat from scratch. This incredibly excites me. I want an unfurnished apartment because then I can even plan out the entire kitchen. I say 'entire' though I know it will be tiny! This girl is not looking forward to a European kitchen. But, thanks to my good friends Grayson & Eryn and their research, I've discovered that a furnished apartment costs much more per square foot and an unfurnished apartment. So, spending a little more upfront means Josh and I can have a little more living space during our time in Roman suburbia. This is my own little way of owning a home. I won't own it. But it will be ours for five years, and if I get to put a kitchen in it, maybe it will feel like owning a home. Maybe. We'll see.

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