Saturday, May 29, 2010


Finally Saturday! My favorite day of the week. Today I will not grocery shop, go to the bank, wash or fold laundry. I have already been to the gym. What do to with this gorgeous day!!!! I think Josh and I will dream the day away.

The Nislys
This past week has been busy! Josh and I went out every night after Monday - we're never that busy! It was great. Jordan and Nikki Nisly are a missionary couple raising support to minister in the Philippines. We've been blessed to get to know them over the past several months. Even if we go the entire evening without discussing ministry or deputation, to know that they 'get it' is such a relief. They share the same frustrations we do. The same struggles. The same stories of encouragement. They 'get it' - what our lives are about right now. (Its also great because Nikki and I are both health food junkies and dragging our men along with us.) We love them.

Here's to dreaming the day away!

Note: (I wrote the above around noon today; its now 10 pm.) I had a wonderful Saturday. Dreaming in the sun. Downtime. A new cardigan and ice cream.

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  1. Hey the feeling is quite mutual my friend! We're so glad to have you guys here in KC when we come through. I chuckled at the part where you say "we're both health food junkies dragging our men along with us" true, so true.