Monday, May 17, 2010

A Wise Woman Once Told Me

This building relationships thing...for the past several months I've been struggling with wanting to build relationship in Kansas City. I very much want to make a ton of friends and live life with them. But, and this is the struggle, I will leave them in two years. I've been forcing myself to invest in relationships, to go to small group every week with these people that I truly love. I always come up with some excuse, I really want to go out for dinner, I need to get this workout in, my house is a mess, I just want a night off. I usually do make myself go, because I know I'll have a great time, I know that these are my friends. Still, its a struggle. I will miss these couples terribly when we leave. Knowing that you're moving halfway around the world makes it hard want to put down roots - it's all going to be gone in two years anyway.

I have a very good friend, whose daughter and son-in-law are also on deputation like me and Josh. I spilled my guts to her this afternoon; I think I talked for 50 minutes straight. Sandra said to me, "You have to put down roots, wherever you are. You put down roots, and when you move, you put down roots again. You just have to." Roots.

We took Jeff, D, and baby Jada dinner tonight. They are my roots. Tomorrow is Sandra's birthday, Nikki is cooking dinner for the six of us. They are my roots. Wednesday I will go to small group, they are my roots.

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