Friday, June 4, 2010


Last night I made a new dish, Baked Ziti. I'd been planning on trying this for awhile, but I was out of spaghetti sauce. The apartment smelled amazing as it baked - that's one thing I love about cooking.

Two Reasons I love this dish:
350 calories / serving - perfect for my lunch meal, and since it's fiber enriched pasta, it keeps me satisfied all day. I got this recipe from my Biggest Loser Cookbook.
8 servings - perfect for lunches. Yesterday we'd eaten dinner out (celebratory dinner at Granite City, remember), but I baked this dish around 9pm because we were out of leftovers and had nothing to bring for lunch today. I'll save the rest of the servings for next week hopefully!
Note: I think I could get 12 or 16 servings out of this. It was more than I needed for lunch, plus that would cut the calories.

Super easy!

I'll try and post the recipe later.

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