Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Do These Things Have in Common?

1. Blush
2. Skim Milk
3. Diet Pepsi
4. Josh's diet coke
5. JIF peanut butter

If you can guess I'll tell you the story!

Acutally, you'll never guess so I'll tell you anyway.

These are all things I just happened to spill on myself in a 4 hour window this morning. I seriously need to go home, there must be a full moon or something. I NEVER spill stuff. Story: How I don't know but I managed to spill nearly half of my bare essentials powder blush in my lap on the way to work this morning. (Josh was driving. :) ) Then while pouring milk on my cereal at my desk, I somehow managed to pour it down the side of my jeans and onto the floor. As I was walking across the street, carrying my QT diet pepsi I dripped in on the front of my white tank top. Only a few minutes later I was eating peanut butter and apples at my desk, and I seriously have no idea how this happened, but I dropped a blob of peanut butter right onto the carpet. At least it missed my clothes. And lastly (hopefully!) I went to QT over lunch to get more drinks, was carrying a drink for me and Josh; as I was fiddling with my keys to unlock the door I dropped Josh's 32oz drink, managing to catch it only between my body and the car. While I saved the majority of the drink, several splashes found my jeans.

Needless to say, I got about a week's worthy of dramatic effect into my morning. After the peanut butter incident I had a good long rant which lasted all the way to the second floor as I was looking for some all purpose cleaner. Another entertaining rant was given when I returned from QT after lunch. Anna checked and, thank heavens, there is no full moon tonight.

Thankfully, there are no breakables within arms reach.


  1. haha! Awww Meghan. Thats hilarious but I am sorry it happened. You're 2 cute!

  2. What a day! I agree with the previous comment too...I might have been chuckling through this post. Not in making fun, but I could just see it all happening, and it was a little funny. Is it funny yet? or still painful?

  3. Definitely funny ladies! Oh and I was so dramatic about it all day. I sort of wish someone had caught it on camera bc I was definitely being over the top and I'm sure it was even funnier to witness.