Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful Daily Grind

Work is busy! This summer's candidate orientation program (COP) starts in just over three weeks and I can feel the craziness beginning. It probably should have begun a couple weeks ago, but I'm being more laid back this time around. Although I'm enjoying this laid back version of myself, its going to cause a problem because more than half our candidates have not paid their registration yet, so I can't 100% count on them attending, ... I'm sure you really aren't all that interested in the details of my job.

In the bigger picture, we have a possibility of appointing between 18 and 22 new missionaries next month! How amazing! (I'm saying between 18 and 22 not because I think we'll reject a few, but because those few may need to attend training in January.) How lucky am I to spend my days working with people hoping to serve on the mission field. 10 months out of the year I just like my job, but these two months when I spend everyday talking with our future missionaries - I LOVE my job! Yesterday I spent 30 minutes talking with Kelly* answering her various questions about what being a missionary might look like for her. I've had many of the same questions myself, and though I most certainly don't know all the answers, I can identify.

Josh and I went through our training past January, and I must say, it was one of the most valued times in my life. To be surrounded completely by individuals who "get it." We were able to identify with one another, be mutually encouraged, share stories of our frustrations and hopes and plans for the future were met with excitement rather than indifference or critical questioning. I can only hope that our candidates who arrive in July will be as blessed by this time as we were. I'm very much looking forward to having them here.

Also great - four of these future missionaries are planning on joining the Italy IV team. So barred any unforseen dramatic events, (someone turning out to be crazy) the entire Rome team (presently six) will be together. I'm very excited for this.

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