Monday, June 28, 2010


My routine has been completely crazy and out of whack as of late. I don't like it. The past three weeks have been absolutely crazy, a hundred events and circumstances that I never even saw coming. Whatever is going on, God has to have a hand in it because this is insane.

I miss blogging. Hopefully this life will become a little less of a tailspin and everything can calm down.

Going to Phoenix on Thursday.


  1. I understand Meghan. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves the good things in life. I am excited to read about your life and adventures. Love You!!

  2. And I'm so excited you are coming :)

  3. I'm excited fr you to have a little break, but I'm gonna miss you! Hey we'll be there til Tuesday evening. When do you get back? I'm sure I can talk Jordan into staying another night. Let me know.