Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think I have a hole in my stomach

Anyone know what an ulcer feels like? Because I think I have one. Either that or heartburn. Or something very uncomfortable that deals with my gut. It stinks.

I had an ulcer once when I was twelve, but I can't remember what that felt like. I also haven't had heartburn more than five times in my entire life. All I know is that I've had the same 'thing' for the past three days. I'm more annoyed than anything.

So, if you've had an ulcer, please tell me what it feels like. If you've experienced frequent heartburn I'd also like to know. If I decide I have an ulcer I may go to the doctor.

I've just now realized I can probably Google ulcers and heartburn. Or visit those medical sites. But, since I hadn't thought of it earlier and this post is nearly done, I'm posting anyway.

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  1. I've never had an ulcer, but I've had heart burn... and acid reflux with heart burn before too (but only recently- which I've determined is a sign of getting older- haha) But I can't imagine heart burn being confused with an ulcer. What did you find out when you looked it up?