Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disrupted Plans

I've been looking forward to today for a couple weeks. Why? Tonight is my dear friend Becky's bridal shower. I love showers. But, and this is a big but, the weather man has forecasted severe storms and flash flooding. Driving two hours to Columbia does not seem wise if in fact he's correct. Not all hope is lost! I'm waiting, Josh is monitoring radar, and we'll decide later if we can make the trip. So if you're reading this before 4pm central time, pray the rain stops!

This has made me think about the plans I make. I'm a planner, a list maker. I have a genuine idea of what I would like my life to look like ten years from now. But, there may be flash flooding. What I mean is that God may have a different plan for me. I believe that I do what I can to follow God's leading on my heart, and pursue the paths that He would have me on. Still, I know that His course may change. I've experienced this so much, especially in the past few years. Twelve months ago I was very much wanting to go into missions in a few years, but at that point thought I needed some life experience before hitting the mission field. Apparently GOd didn't have the same idea, because now I'm a missionary. I'll be on the field in two years - this was not in my plan but His. AND I LOVE IT. I am so positively sure that this is where God wants us. I did not hesitate for a moment when the opportunity presented itself because I could feel God's hand in it. What a wonderful feeling.

My plan for ten years from now? Josh and I will have returned from Italy. We'll be living here, working in ministry with Avant preparing other missionaries and their families for serving on the field. My dream is that Josh takes on a missions pastor role at our church. The missions program there is starting to grow and I know that the members of that church have so much service in them. We could send an entire church planting team. Or several. Josh and I will (hopefully!) have a couple cute kiddos by then....I could go on for awhile about my plans.

And though I love my plan, I know that God may change it. Which is fine with me because His plans are always better than mine. And that is our desire - to serve Him in the way He would want.